what is drop shipping?

What is Drop Shipping?

What is Drop Shipping?

Are you wondering “what is drop shipping?” Drop shipping is a way of selling products without having to initially invest money into the product. A drop shipper is a supplier that offers to ship products from their warehouse straight to your customer. The way dropshipping works is very simple.

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

Drop shippers allow their vendors to sell their product without the vendor having to initially invest in the up front cost of the product. The way this works is by the vendor selling the product and receiving payment of the product before having to pay the drop shipping supplier for the product.

Therefore, a vendor does not have to pay a drop shipping company for any product until the product is sold. In this case the vendor receives the money from the sale before having to pay the supplier. Then the vendor technically orders the product from the drop shipping supplier, but the drop shipper sends the product directly to the customer. As a result, saving the vendor an immense amount of time & money!

This method of selling products offers businesses a revolutionary way of making profit without having to have an upfront cost. Therefore, what this means is that you can post as a method of making profit off selling products without the business having to initially invest in a product.

When a business sells a product on their website, the dropshipping company will only receive their wholesale price amount for the product that was sold and the business that sold the product will receive the rest! At DropshippingCompanyReviews.com we are here to answer all your questions about what is drop shipping. Therefore, you don’t need to search on Google any longer for information about drop shipping.

Many Types Of Drop Shipping Companies Exist

Most dropship companies offer different types of drop shipping services.

Aside from the types of products they each offer, they all have a variety of other differences. Some drop shipping programs require you to individually sing up with every supplier in order to work with them. Other drop shipping programs allow you to sell all of their available products while only having to go through them and no other suppliers.

The monthly cost of these drop shipping services usually vary based on the quality of the service provided, ease of use, user friendliness, & various other factors.

Browse through drop shipping company reviews on any dropshipper you want more information about. See all of the best drop shipping companies in 2017. Use the supplier reviews to help you make the best choice on which drop shipping company you should work with. Make sure to do research before making a commitment in order to make the best choice possible on which supplier to go with. Now if someone asks you “what is drop shipping?” you know what to say.

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